What Services are Included in a Serviced Office?

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Serviced offices are extremely popular, but what’s driving this popularity? The answer may surprise you. Along with wonderful spaces, serviced offices come with a host of services, too.

The office spaces are beautiful and unique, and they come with a wide range of valuable amenities. These amenities are perfect for supporting, operating, and building your business. The amenities are also a great way to draw top job candidates while ensure employees are happy and satisfied, too.

What is a Serviced Office?

Just in case you’re not familiar with serviced offices, we’ll start here first. A serviced office is an office space that’s provided by a management firm. The office space is usually located in a prestigious business centre, sometimes in the heart of a thriving business district. However, business centres are sometimes found just outside of town, too.

A serviced office space generally comes with a flexible lease, which features an all-inclusive monthly fee. Companies can choose between a short-term or long-term lease, which gives them the flexibility to use the office space in a way that’s beneficial to the business.

Perhaps a startup wants a short-term lease because they’re unsure of future growth. Or a small- to medium-business may want to try out a new market without investing permanently in office space. A flexible lease can be extremely valuable for businesses of all types.

Along with the flexibility to scale and try new markets, serviced offices also come with plenty of beneficial services.

What Amenities Does a Serviced Office Provide?

Along with the flexible lease, the service office’s all-inclusive monthly fee includes some valuable services!

Rent & Utilities

What would you say if we said the rent and utilities are also included with a serviced office? It may not seem believable; however, it’s true! The rent and utilities are included in the all-inclusive fee for a serviced office.

There’s no more need to remember to pay several bills, including rent, energy bills, water, Internet, and other utilities. These expenses are all included with your office! Bill-paying is a breeze when it comes to paying for your office space! All you have to deal with is one monthly fee. That’s it!

Office Space Maintenance

The monthly fee covers office space and building maintenance. This means a company is not responsible for the building’s or office’s upkeep. Maintenance can be quite expensive with a traditional office space.

In addition to maintenance, the all-inclusive fee also includes office cleaning. There’s no need to hire a cleaning crew or have employees do clean-up work. Instead, the office management firm takes care of all this, so you don’t have to. And it’s all included in the monthly fee.

The benefit of this service is that your company doesn’t have to pay for these services. The money can be used to grow your business, instead!

The Tech

The monthly fee also includes access to a high-speed Internet connection. These can be expensive; however, with the management firm supplies a dedicated fibre-optic broadband connection. This means your company has access to the cloud, customers, and more.

There’s no need to have your own in-house IT network or IT staff. You’ll have a dedicated superfast connection that’s always available when it’s needed.

If the connection does go down, you can expect it to be back up and running again very quickly. This means there’s no need to worry about major outages and downtime. The serviced office comes with access to a stable, high-speed network you can depend on.

24/7 Access

With a serviced office, you can expect to have 24/7 access to your office space. Rather than working the traditional 9-5, you and your employees can now work whenever it’s necessary or when it suits.

With the many changes to the workplace, having access to your office any time every day is a priceless amenity. When facing a crucial project deadline, you’ll be able to keep working into the wee hours of the morning if necessary!

Meeting Rooms

Meetings are still an essential part of doing business, even with remote meetings becoming a popular option. Nothing can replace the valuable connections and collaboration that occur in a meeting. With a serviced office, a company can have access to a meeting room when needed!

What’s more, the meeting room includes all the latest tech to make your meeting a success. This means it’s not necessary to invest in an expensive plasma screen, AV equipment, and more. Instead, these are supplied with the meeting room, which is an included amenity with a serviced office.

Office Furniture

Office furniture is also included in a serviced office. Think of how expensive it can be to furnish and outfit a traditional office. However, if you choose a serviced office, all of that’s provided for you. The company saves money, and you have a beautifully furnished office without all the expense.

What’s more, a serviced office also includes office equipment such as printers and other office machines. This is another cost your company doesn’t have to cope with when setting up a new office.

In addition to all of this, many serviced offices can be branded with your company logo, colours, and more. You’ll have a bespoke office right down to the branding.

Receptionist & Business Team

A service office lease usually includes access to a receptionist and business team, too. What could be better than having clients and visitors greeted by a professional, friendly team? The receptionist or the team can also walk visitors through to your office!

The business team & receptionist can also handle phone calls and step in to help with tasks that need to be done.

Onsite Parking

Gone are the days when it’s necessary to head to the office early just to find a parking spot. Instead, many serviced offices include onsite parking in the monthly fee. The parking is available for you, employees, and visitors!

No more hunting for a space to park and/or walking miles to the office. Parking is available onsite, which saves time and money.

Along with all these included services, there are even more! Many serviced offices also include access to a fully stocked kitchen, onsite showers, climate control (where you’re in control), and more.

A serviced office may be one of the best solutions for your business. If you’d like more information about our office solutions, contact us today! We’re looking forward to talking with you!

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