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virtual office newcastle

Your business deserves a professional image and credibility – it may be time to consider a virtual office in Newcastle. While working from home or other places is a great way to keep your company flexible, what kind of impression are you leaving with customers? Are you using your home address and phone number as contacts on business cards and your company website? 

A virtual office provides your business with the services it needs, plus an impressive business address in a thriving business district. With a professional business address, your business comes across as more credible and trustworthy. What’s more, you have access to services that support your business, without the costs of hiring additional staff or renting a traditional office.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a startup, or even an established organisation, a virtual office can provide the company with a prestigious business address, as well as valuable support services. All of this is available with a Newcastle virtual office, without the hassle and expense of a traditional office.

Why Choose A Qora Virtual Office Newcastle?

With a Qora virtual office, your business instantly has a more professional image and a prestigious business address without the expense of a bricks-and-mortar office. A virtual office also lends more credibility to your business rather than using a home address.

The virtual office also provides more flexibility about where and when you work. No matter where you are, our support team will take calls and deal with the mail round the clock. Work from the beach, a mountain, or your own backyard with our virtual office services, and take advantage of the added flexibility you gain.

With a fixed business address, your company also has the added advantage of being round in search engine results. With a local, fixed business address and the right SEO, your business will be easier to find. This means more customers and business growth.

Another reason to choose Qora virtual office Newcastle services is you’ll also be able to take advantage of discounted meeting rooms. Whether you need to meet clients, interview a top candidate, or to meet with partners, you can access our meeting rooms at a discounted price.

What more could you want in a virtual office service?

Where is Our virtual office Located?

Our Qora offices are located in one of the most prestigious business parks in Newcastle. Our business centre is located near the River Tyne, in the Quorum Business Park.

Local amenities include restaurants, golf clubs, retail stores, and more. Onsite, we offer a kids nursery, gym, café, tennis courts, and so much more.

Getting to our business centre is also easy. The area is serviced by bus, metro, and nearby motorways (A1 & A9), and we’re not far from the Newcastle Central Station, where it’s possible to book train service to other parts of the UK.

When you need to use a meeting room or another of our workspaces, you’ll have access to all of this and more! All of these benefits come with our virtual office services.

Why use a qora virtual office?

newcastle virtual office

Complete flexibility

You aren’t tied into our virtual business address packages for long periods. Since we’d prefer you to stick around because you want to, all of our virtual office services operate on a rolling monthly contract meaning you’re able to leave when ever you need to.

virtual business address newcastle

Discounted meeting rooms

Need to meet with visitors or clients occassionally? Access all Qora meeting spaces at a discounted rate when you opt for either of our virtual business address packages.

virtual address

Premium address

Qora is located on the award winning and highly sought after Quorum Business Park, a short distance from Newcastle city centre. You get the kudos of a prestigious business address with none of the cost of a traditional office.

Your virtual address options

address and mail handling

business address & mail handling

From £40 + VAT pm

Use our premium address just outside of Newcastle and combine this with mail handling and admin support.

We’ll scan and email or forward all of your mail so that you can focus on growing your business.

call handling virtual office package

Add on call handling & forwarding

Enquire for pricing

Enjoy all of the benefits of our business and mail handling package as well as professional call answering, handling and forwarding.

Get a virtual landline setup and have your calls professionally answered and forwarded to you where ever you are.

In addition to these benefits, our virtual office packages are flexible and hassle-free. Pay for only the services you need, and then enjoy all the benefits that come with your specific package! What could be better?

A few thoughts

Why Use a Virtual Office Service?

Are you still wondering about the benefits of a virtual office for your business? Then here are some benefits you can expect when choosing our virtual office Newcastle packages:

Flexible contract: take advantage of everything a virtual office offers, at the expense of a traditional office. Our contracts are flexible, so you’re not tied down long-term. We offer a monthly rolling contract, which means you decide when to use our services or not. You’re free to make the decisions that best support your business.

Professional business address: your business will have a fixed address located within a prestigious business district. Plus, you get to enjoy the benefits of using our other services when you need them. This includes serviced offices, coworking spaces, and meeting rooms.

Professional staff: with our virtual business address you’ll have the support of a professional team to handle your mail and phone calls. There’s no need to hire a receptionist or admin for these jobs. Your company saves money, which can put used for scaling the business.

Save money: keep business costs down to a minimum with our virtual office services. Take advantage of an impressive business address without all the expense of a regular office. Your company will have more money to put toward growing the business.

Access to facilities: a virtual office package entitles you to access other services we offer at Qora. Not only do we take care of mail and phone calls, but you’ll also be able to book a meeting room at a discount and more. If you need coworking space for a time, then we can help you with that, too!

Improved credibility: with a prestigious business address, business partners and customers will be impressed. Your business will have better credibility when using our virtual office address rather than a home address. Company business cards, websites, and even email signatures can include your virtual office address. Improved credibility can mean more business and more revenue.

You can enjoy all of these benefits by choosing one of our virtual address packages. If you’d like more information about our virtual office or other services, then give us a call today!

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