The Benefits of a Serviced Office Compared to a Traditional Office

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Are you searching for a new office space or setting up your first office? It can be confusing and challenging to choose between a traditional office or a serviced office.

To help you with this crucial decision, we’ve put together some benefits of choosing a serviced office over a traditional office. We’ll start with the benefits of a traditional office and then take a look at the benefits provided by a serviced office.

Benefits of a Traditional Office

Here are some of the benefits provided by a traditional office space.

Bespoke Office Design

With a traditional office lease, you’re allowed to make creative changes to the office space. In other words, you can create a bespoke office design that works better for your business. It’s also possible to create more efficient use of space when you can determine the office layout.

Company Identity

Company identity in the office space is important; with a traditional office space, it’s possible to establish your company culture and brand identity. With the ability to design the space as you’d like, it’s easier to create a personalised presence in the space.

The office belongs to you, which means it’s possible to stamp your company brand on anything and everything. This isn’t always the case with a serviced office. It depends on the office management firm.

Lower Costs Long-Term

The long-term costs of a traditional office are sometimes better with a traditional office. That may be the case, even when considering the huge investment in office furniture & equipment, and more.

Control Over the Space

Another benefit of a traditional office is control of the space. You determine when it’s best for maintenance work, have your own meeting room, and what’s taking place in the office.

On the other hand, with a serviced office, you may have to deal with scheduled maintenance work that may affect business operations. Plus, you’ll have to work with shared meeting rooms that must be booked ahead. Dealing with these issues isn’t very convenient.

Who Should Consider a Traditional Office?

A traditional office is best for:

  • Established businesses who are able to commit to a longer lease.
  • Businesses who can afford the maintenance & cleaning costs.
  • Businesses that can budget for the seasonal fluctuations in energy usage.
  • Businesses who can afford to pay the required large deposit.
  • Companies who need/want a bespoke space to develop their culture and branding identity.

Benefits of a Serviced Office

Now, let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can expect from a serviced office.

Flexible Contracts

Serviced offices usually come with a flexible lease or rolling contracts. This means you have control over the length of the contract. If a short-term contract is best for your company, then you’ll have the flexibility to extend or end the lease as needed.

A rolling lease offers even more flexibility. If you’re not sure how the business will go over the next few months, then the rolling control allows you to end services or keep them going without a cancellation fee.

All-Inclusive Solution

A serviced office also comes with an all-inclusive monthly fee. This means the fee covers everything from amenities to office furniture and more. Everything is paid for with one payment.

Rent is included in the monthly fee. Your company doesn’t have to deal with seasonal fluctuations in energy usage. And there’s no need to shell out thousands of pounds for office furniture and equipment. These are also supplied by the office management firm.

Your admin will only have to make one monthly payment. What could be easier?


Another benefit of serviced offices is their location. This type of office is usually situated in a large business centre, which is managed by an office management firm. The business centres are typically in a prestigious business district in major cities and towns.

Your business can have a prestigious location without the cost of a traditional office lease. A traditional office in this type of area would be very expensive. Plus, it’s necessary to pay for services and utilities on top of the rent each month.

A serviced office provides the prestigious address, the office space, all the services, plus amenities. Everything’s included in one monthly fee, too.

Easily Scale Your Business

When you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to predict the growth of the business. For this reason, a flexible office space solution, such as a serviced office, can be ideal.

When it’s time to expand, just let the management firm know. They’ll have room to accommodate the new employees, desks, and more.

On the other hand, when business slows down, and you no longer need the space, it’s just as easy to scale down.

A serviced office provides the flexibility your business needs.

Hassle-Free Office Space

With a serviced office, your company won’t have to worry about the costs of maintenance and cleaning. These services are included in the monthly fee.

What’s more, you’ll have access to additional services such as receptionists, meeting rooms, access to free food and drinks, and more.

Everything is taken care of for you, and plenty of perks are included with the all-inclusive monthly fee.

Have Access to the Latest Tech & Modern Facilities

Most serviced offices include access to the latest tech. There’s no need to have an in-house IT department because the facility has its own network and fast Internet connections. You can access the network as needed. Another great perk is that the network is highly maintained, meaning you won’t have to worry about downtime.

What’s more, serviced offices create a beautiful, energised environment that’s geared to keeping you and your employees focused and productive. The office will come with high-quality office furniture and equipment. Your company can save money and/or invest it in scaling the business rather than buying office furniture.

Who Should Consider a Serviced Office?

A serviced office is best for:

  • Small and medium companies who want a hassle-free office experience.
  • Businesses that need the flexibility to scale up or down.
  • Businesses who want to save money by not having to invest in office furniture & equipment, and more.

Summing It Up

Traditional offices and serviced offices each offer certain benefits. We’ve included some of the best benefits for each type of office.

Now you’ll have information to make a comparison and then make the best decision on the type of office that’s best for your business.

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