Questions to Ask When Viewing Serviced Offices

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When out searching for a serviced office for your business, it can be tempting to take a lease with an office space that seems like a good fit. However, is it really the best space for you and your company?

Before signing the lease, there are a few questions you must ask. The goal is to ensure this is the right place for your company. Even if you’re pressed for time, getting the right serviced office can mean success for your business, while the wrong office space can be a huge problem for the company.

We’ve put together some questions to help you find the right serviced office. When you’re out viewing office spaces, don’t hesitate to ask these questions. They will ensure you get the best office to support your business.

1). Where is the Serviced Office Located?

Here, the aim is to determine whether or not the office is in the right location for your business. For instance, will you and your employees have a longer commute? Or is the office centrally located, making it easier to reach?

Next, consider what’s available in the area. Here, it’s best to find a business centre that’s located to other amenities such as shops, cafes, restaurants, and more. Then you, employees, and clients will have places to go for lunch or dinner, run errands, and more.

2). What Type of Lease is Offered?

One of the first questions to ask is what type of lease is offered with the serviced office. Is the contract flexible? Do they offer short- and long-term leases?

It’s also helpful to ask about the average length of stay is for most businesses. This can tell you if the management is good. If not, the average stay may be quite short.

And ask how many desks are allowed in the serviced office. Some business centres charge more for extra desks over a certain number.

3). What Amenities are Included in the Price?

Serviced offices generally come with plenty of valuable amenities to support your business. These may include:

  • Rent & utilities
  • Access to breakout spaces & fully stocked kitchens
  • Onsite showers
  • Climate control (where you’re in charge)
  • Reception services
  • Superfast WiFi
  • And more

Consider the cost of the service office and the amenities. Can you afford the space? Does the cost seem reasonable with the added perks included?

4). What are the Opening Hours?

Does your company sometimes meet clients or partners in the evening? Do you and your employees need to work late into the night and/or on weekends? Then you’ll need to find a serviced office that includes 24/7 access.

If you need to work late and/or on the weekends, then access to your office space is crucial.

5). What Else is Included in the Price?

Management firms that offer serviced offices usually have a flexible lease, which offers an all-inclusive monthly fee. So, you’ll need to know what’s included in the monthly fee.

Does the lease include onsite parking? If so, are there enough parking spaces for you, your employees, and visitors?

Are network access and superfast connectivity included in the all-inclusive fee? Is there onsite IT tech support if anything goes wrong?

What about office furniture? Is this also included in the monthly fee? Can the business centre management provide enough desks and workstations for your employees?

Is office furniture included? What about office equipment?

These are pertinent questions for your business. It’s best to look for a serviced office that provides everything your business needs to operate and be a success.

6). Access to Meeting Rooms

Next, you’ll need to find out how accessing a meeting room works. Some serviced offices include this in the price, while others will offer a discount to book a meeting room. If there’s a charge, then be sure to ask about the rate. Is it hourly, daily, or half-day?

Then it’s important to enquire about what’s included with the meeting room. Will you have access to all the latest tech (plasma screens, flip charts, and more)?

7). Does the Office Space Reflect Your Company Culture?

The goal here is to find an office space that’s a good fit for your company. This means the space should fit your company values and clients, as well as your mission.

Ask about what other companies are in the building. The reason for this question is to find out who your neighbours would be. The point is to determine whether or not your competitors are in the same building, which could prove awkward.

Next, get a feel for the space. How does the design strike you? Does it feel positive and uplifting? Is this a place that fits your company and employees? Would you be happy to have clients visit this space?

And remember to ask if there are communal spaces, which are shared with other companies. You may find there are networking events held on a regular basis. These could be a great way to meet others in the building. Networking events can help you find like-minded business professionals or even new clients.

8). When Can You Move In?

It’s essential to find out how long it takes to move in. Can they have your space ready in a week? Or does it take a month or more? Look for a serviced office space that’s quickly available. This shortens your company’s downtime during the move.

Don’t hesitate to ask if they will have all your office furniture and equipment set up and ready on move-in day. Many office management firms are able to take care of this for you, and it’s included in the monthly fee.

9). Is There Room for Scaling?

There are times when a business is growing and needs to expand. However, there are also times when it’s necessary for a business to downsize. So, be sure to ask if there’s flexibility to scale up or down as needed.

The aim of these questions is to find the right serviced office for your business. The office you choose will deeply impact you, your employees, and the overall success of your business.

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