Optimising the Office for Employee Wellbeing

Mar 1, 2022 | Wellbeing | 0 comments

Modern office spaces have gone through some major design changes in the last few years. Gone are the cubicles and traditional office furniture of the past. Today, modern office spaces are designed and optimised for employee wellbeing.

Studies have shown quality office space design can reduce stress and create an inspiring environment. Companies accomplish this by making changes that improve the comfort and wellbeing of their employees.

There’s no question that low-quality office design can drastically impact the workspace. When air quality is poor, there’s not enough light, and office furniture looks drab and worn, everyone’s perception of the office is negative. Who wants to work in such an environment?

So, how can you optimise and improve your office design? Keep reading to find out!


1. Create a Welcoming Environment

Modern office design has started using elements from home to make the space more inviting. The goal is to help blur the lines between home and the office. Employees are coming to expect the comfort of home at the office, especially those that work part-time at home and the rest of the time at the office.

A welcoming office environment should be fitted out with ergonomic furniture, soft textures, and the right kind of lighting. In addition, the optimised workspace might also provide different areas for employees to work.

The goal of creating a welcoming workspace is to make it more like home, with touches and elements of home in the office.


2. Customised Workstations

Another way to help employees feel comfortable at the office is to allow them to customise their workspaces. This can allow employees to bring their favourite photos, inspiring art, more for their workstation. However, it can include even more elements of personalisation.

Don’t forget that each employee has different requirements when it comes to the use of their space. For instance, maybe one employee needs more storage space for files and more. And what about wireless technology? Employees who like to move around to different areas as they work require wireless connectivity.

The key here is to allow employees to customise their workstations with their own art and more. However, there are also other aspects to consider when customising workstations.


3. Adjustable Desks

Studies have shown that sitting for too many hours can be harmful to our health. So, it may be time to consider using stand and sit desks. The desks are usually easy to adjust from a sitting desk to a standing desk. Some are even motorised to make this easier. Employees have the option to sit or stand as needed. Employees will be more comfortable with being able to move, rather than sitting for so many hours each workday.

Changing their position throughout the day may improve employee physical and mental wellbeing.


4. Bring Plants into the Office

Another great way to optimise the office for wellbeing is to use plants. Studies show that employees who work with plants in the office are happier and more productive. The reason is that humans need to be in touch with nature and natural elements to feel good and be happy. Even in our modern world, we still need natural touches in our lives, even at the office.

Another benefit of bringing plants into the office is that they can improve air quality. This may not seem like a good reason to bring it plants. But consider the fact that many offices are tightly insulated, making it difficult to bring in the fresh air. While modern ventilation systems have improved indoor air quality, plants can do even more.

Here’s a short list of plants proven to clean & improve indoor air:

  • English ivy
  • Boston fern
  • Red-edged dracaena
  • Peace lily
  • Heartleaf philodendron
  • And more


5. Create Multiple Spaces

Another great way to increase employee wellbeing is by creating alternative work areas in the office. When employees have the ability to change where they work, their happiness and productivity increase. That’s because sitting at one desk for hours every workday can be draining. Allowing employees to work in other areas of the office gives them more control over where they work and keeps them motivated.

Some businesses are choosing to create a flexible office layout. A flexible office is usually done with an open-plan office layout. The layout includes different work areas for employees. For instance, the work areas may include a quiet area or individual pods where employees can go to work in a quiet space. There may also be a collaborative area where teams can work together without physical walls between them. You can create a breakout space where employees can go to relax during the day.

The key is to find what works best for your employees. You may want to consider an anonymous survey to learn what employees really want in the office. And remember to create clear divisions between the different kinds of work areas you create.


6. Bring in Amenities

Another way to increase employee wellbeing is to bring in amenities. Whether you use a traditional office layout or create a more flexible office space, it’s possible to include amenities.

You might consider creating an onsite gym, wellness areas, a fully stocked kitchen, private phone pods, wellness rooms, and more. Adding a breakout space where employees can find a break in the middle of their workday helps reduce stress, too.

Here, too, it’s a good idea to take a survey of employees and see what they’d really like and find useful. Nothing says your business cares more than including amenities that make employees happier and healthier.


Summing It Up

It doesn’t have to be expensive to optimise the workplace and improve employee wellbeing. The process can start with allowing employees to personalise their workstations, purchasing ergonomic furniture, and creating a welcoming environment with homey touches. Involve employees in the process, too!

An optimised workspace ensures employees will be comfortable, happy, and healthy. With this foundation, their job satisfaction and productivity will increase. What could be better than a business where employees feel cared for and appreciated?

If you are looking for office space, be sure to check out what we have to offer!

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