Is Your Office Design Set-Up for Productivity?

Aug 30, 2021 | Office Guides | 0 comments

The work environment has a direct influence on everyone in the office. The office can make or break focus, impact productivity, and so much more. Who would have thought that a workspace environment would have such a huge effect on the people who work there!

But it’s true. Much research has been done on this very topic, with study after study coming up with almost the same results. The environment of an office can make it easier for humans to work or just the opposite. Office design is one of the most crucial aspects of employee health, wellbeing, and productivity.

If you’re looking for ways to boost employee productivity, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some tips to help you get started in the right direction with office design.

Flexible & Inspiring Workspace

Workplaces that are flexible and inspiring seem to be best when it comes to office design. This may mean bringing together some creative solutions that don’t seem as if they’d work together. The goal is to create a well-designed workspace that looks great and has a positive impact on employees.

If your office is still back in the days of the cubicle, then it’s probably high time to make some much-needed changes.


Where to Start? Begin With the Clutter & Dirt

When you’re looking to renovate an office, the best thing is to start with the very foundation of the office. This would be the walls and flooring. However, before you get to those, it’s essential to first get rid of clutter and dirt in the workspace.

Clutter, dirt and more can distract employees to such a degree that it’s difficult for them to work. Seriously. If you don’t mind clutter and dust, good for you! But what about your employees? Many humans need a more ordered and clean space where they can focus and stay productive. When the environment is dirty, they simply can’t work, and your business suffers.

Start off by first removing all the clutter. This means the clutter of papers and files, stacks of books, everything that’s not in its proper place. When everything’s been cleared away, then it’s time to clean. And we mean a thorough cleaning of the entire office—top to bottom.

When all of this is done, you’ll be simply amazed! But don’t stop here because there’s more to get done!


Room Colour

Now, you’re ready to start the renovation work. Now it’s time to think about wall colours and even the flooring. If your budget isn’t enough to include new flooring, that’s OK. Then focus on the colours of the office. This means wall colours, the colour of accent pieces, wall art, and more.

Remember, too; there’s a psychology behind the use of colours and shades. Here’s a quick overview of colours and how they can influence us:

Green: is associated with thinking, creatives, balance. It’s also the colour of nature, which signifies growth and new life. This may bring some balance to the space.

Red: can symbolise many things, depending on a person’s culture. For instance, red may offer an energetic boost to some, while to others, the colour red may be too stimulating. This colour has also been shown to reduce analytic thinking, which could mean lowered productivity for employees. You may want to avoid this colour.

Blue: is often a favourite colour and is ranked as one of the best colours for productivity. Blue reminds us of the water and sky, which are calming. The colour can bring peace to a workplace. This may be a good option for your office.

Pink: this is another colour that you may want to think about if your office needs a calming effect. Pink is sometimes used in certain settings to reduce aggression. This might be a great colour for the meeting room!

Brown: is often a colour that’s not much appreciated. It’s usually associated with seriousness, practicality, and more. Best to avoid this colour in your renovated office.

White: this is a colour that’s often used; however, too much white can cause an office to seem too glaring. White can even have the effect of making people reflect inwardly too much. So, this may not be a good colour if you’re trying to boost productivity.

One last thought on colours—remember to consider the people in your office. Choose colours that are psychologically in line with employees. You might even consider taking a poll or survey of employees and see what colours they would prefer.


Furniture & Comfort

Now the colours have been chosen; the next step is to choose the right furniture, lighting, and equipment needed in the office. These are key areas to take care of when refurbishing the office to increase productivity.

Desks and chairs are the first place to start here. Consider how it feels to sit at an uncomfortable desk for many hours every day. The discomfort can be quite distracting when you’re trying to focus on work. For this reason, it’s essential that all employees have the right ergonomic desk and chair for their workplaces.

Ensure that furniture includes settings for adjustable height. This makes it easier to ensure that each employee can have a desk and chair that fit them at the right ergonomic height, whether standing or sitting.



Lighting is another often overlooked area when it comes to increasing productivity at work. When there’s not enough light or the right quality of light, employees suffer. They may develop problems such as irritability, eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, and more. In addition, if an office is too dark, some employees may even become depressed. However, too much light can also have a dramatic effect on your employees.

The best light for an office is natural daylight. If this isn’t possible, then using artificial lighting that mimics natural light is best. It may be necessary to choose full-spectrum light bulbs to simulate daylight in the office. These bulbs tend to have a warmer, softer light that’s more comfortable for human eyes.

Another option is to use task lighting. This may include desk lamps with LEDs that can be changed from a bright white to a warmer, dimmer yellow light. Task lighting can be used in conjunction with natural or artificial lighting, or instead of these types of lights.


Summing It Up

There are even more ways to boost productivity in the office; however, we’ve tried to share the foundations of making the right changes in your office.

Remember to consider your employees and their needs, too, when making large changes such as colour, lighting, and more. They will, after all, be the ones most affected. And the goal is to keep them comfortable, happy, and focused. The result will be a happier, more productive workplace!


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