How to Make the Most of Your Coworking Office Space

Mar 20, 2022 | Coworking Guides | 0 comments

Moving to a coworking office space can be exciting, with all the benefits to enjoy, including the collaborative environment! All you need to do is move in, plugin, and get to work!

Now you’re ready to start taking advantage of the connections you may build in the coworking space. With all the benefits, are there other ways to get the most out of our coworking office space?

Yes, there are! We’ve put together a few tips on how you can get more from your coworking office space! Let’s get started!


1. Make Connections with Desk Neighbours

It’s important to strike up conversations and connections with your desk neighbours. You’ll have a wonderful opportunity to make connections with like-minded professionals in different industries.

While you may not naturally be comfortable talking with people, coworking spaces offer a great way to connect with others. For instance, many coworking facilities offer networking opportunities, collaboration, brainstorming sessions, and more. You’re sure to find more than a great work environment; you’ll also find a place where you can connect with others to make lasting relationships.


2. Attend Social Events

Along with making connections, it’s also important to attend social events sponsored by the coworking facility. Many of these organisations feature social events to foster community and chances to mingle with other professionals in the same area.

It’s these events that allow you to create relationships with others who could end up being clients, mentors, or those you may collaborate with on projects. You can also use these connections to meet others out in the community.

The social connections made at these events are valuable to you and your business.


3. Use the Communal Areas

Taking breaks provides your mind and body with time to re-energise. What could be better than grabbing a coffee or tea in the communal kitchen of your coworking facility? While you’re there, take advantage of joining others in conversation. You may make a new friend or colleague. It’s possible!

Heading out to the communal area is necessary for your mind and body. No one can sit for hours working away. When you get up and head over to get some coffee, don’t hesitate to talk with others. Even a short, positive talk with another member of the community can be a pick-me-up, even better than the caffeine rush from coffee!


4. Read the Coworking Newsletter

Many coworking communities write and distribute a newsletter or blog that offers valuable information and advice. You may see articles on wellbeing at work, how to save money on marketing, and more. These articles are usually written directly for the coworking community. You can learn a lot by reading the community newsletter.

What’s more, you may want to offer your services to write a blog post for the community. Not only can you help others with what you have to offer, but your name will become known in the community, too. Make sure the material is beneficial to others in the community and you’ll gain more exposure for yourself and your business.


5. Know the Management

Many coworking spaces have a community manager. The community manager knows everyone in the community and what’s going on. Not only that, but they have ties to others in the community at large who may have used the coworking space at one time. That means the community manager knows others who may be of help to you and others in the community.

In addition, community managers can also help guide you to business resources available in the community.


6. Be Helpful to Others in the Community

When you’re in a community, making yourself available to help others can be very beneficial to everyone. However, it’s essential to be helpful in the right way. What does this mean? Avoid being proactive. Don’t offer advice or guidance if you’ve not been asked.

On the other hand, offering reactive assistance is being helpful when you’re asked. It’s OK to let it be known you’re available to help others. However, don’t offer assistance until you’re asked. Take a reactive approach to offer assistance in the coworking community.


7. Invest in the Right Equipment

It’s essential to have the right tools for working in a coworking space. For instance, some coworking spaces may be a bit noisier than you’re used to. So, you may want to consider investing in a decent pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

In addition, you’ll need extra cords to recharge your devices and make connections. And you’ll need a good laptop for your work.

So, consider the type of equipment you need to focus and stay productive in a coworking space.


8. Take Advantage of Meeting Rooms

Many coworking spaces offer a discount on their meeting rooms. However, keep in mind there may be a lot of competition for these spaces. So, be sure to book ahead when you know it’s necessary to have a meeting room.

In addition, coworking spaces may offer a discount for their meeting rooms. It can’t hurt to ask if your coworking space offers a discount to its members.


9. Become Part of the Community

When you’re part of a coworking community, be sure to become a part of the community. These communities are rich and filled with a wide variety of personalities across various industries.

However, avoid trying to sell your services or products to coworkers. At the same time, take advantage of the community to seek out expert guidance and advice.


Summing It Up

Coworking spaces offer flexibility and access to valuable amenities that you won’t find in a traditional office space. Coworking spaces allow you to work alone and take advantage of a vibrant community, and work alongside other business professionals.

What’s more, you work when you want since many coworking spaces are open 24/7. You can work during the time it’s best for you.

Coworking spaces offer many benefits; so, be sure to take advantage of the benefits you’ll find in a coworking space. When you approach coworking space benefits in the right way, you and your business are sure to thrive!

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