Essential Elements to Look for in a Meeting Room

Jun 18, 2021 | Meeting Room Guides | 0 comments

Finding the right meeting room can be challenging. The goal is to find the best meeting room, which offers the right combination of services and professionalism. The facility needs to be fit the purpose of the meeting while being affordable.

Some companies choose to go with any meeting room but then end up with third-rate services and facilities. However, when investing in a meeting room, the goal is to find the best place possible while ensuring the venue is the quality needed.

In this article, we’ve put together some tips that include the most essential things a meeting room should have. These are the things you need to look for when searching for the best meeting room.

1). Location & Accessibility

The very first thing to consider is the location and accessibility of the meeting room. The location should be central to all attendees (as much as possible), easy to find and reach. This means the location should be near motorways and public transportation.

Remember to ask about parking, too. It’s sometimes difficult to find parking near a business centre. For this reason, many business centres offer free parking in their meeting room fee.

2). First Impression

What’s your first impression of the meeting room? Does it have the right atmosphere? Is the space positive? Do you feel uplifted and energised?

What about the furniture—is it in excellent shape? Will the colours and décor provide the right backdrop for the meeting?

These are all important considerations. If you have a bad first impression upon walking into the meeting room, you can be sure others coming to the meeting will feel the same way.

The goal is to find a meeting room that fits your company and industry, as well as providing the right environment. Look for a meeting room with top-notch décor, too. You’re paying for this space, so it should fit the needs of the meeting.

3). Sufficient Floor Space

Next, it’s important to ensure the meeting room has enough floor space to accommodate everyone coming to the meeting or training. Everyone needs to be comfortably seated without being crowded. Nothing is worse than sitting in a stuffy, crowded meeting room and trying to focus on the presentation.

If you’re worried about space, then it’s generally a good idea to find a meeting room that’s slightly larger than what’s needed. This way, there’s plenty of space to keep everyone comfortable.

4). High Ceilings

Have you ever thought about the ceiling of a meeting room? If not, now’s the time to start! Why should you be concerned about the ceiling?

Consider how it feels to be in a room with a low ceiling. You may feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic. The lighting may also not be optimal or could be too close/bright when the ceiling is low.

What’s more, a low ceiling does not allow for good airflow. A stuffy meeting room becomes uncomfortable and makes it difficult to stay focused.

On the other hand, a high ceiling can make the room feel larger and more open. Ventilation and airflow are usually better, too. The lighting will be far enough away from attendees to make it more comfortable, as well.

These are the reasons it’s important to consider the ceiling when looking for the right meeting room.

5). Climate Control

Climate control is another essential element to consider in a meeting room. When everyone in the meeting is too hot or too cold, they’re uncomfortable and have a hard time focusing. You won’t have a productive meeting when the room is stifling or freezing.

On the other hand, a meeting room that has climate control can make everyone more comfortable. Plus, the air will stay fresher. As a result, the meeting will be more productive.

So, be sure to look for a meeting room that has climate control, where you have control. When you have control of room temperatures, there’s no need for someone to leave the meeting and ask the business centre team to change the temp. You stay in control without disrupting the meeting.

6). Windows & Natural Lighting

Studies have shown that allowing natural light into an office or meeting room has many benefits. Natural light can reduce eye strain, improve mood, decrease sleepiness, and more. This all leads to a more productive meeting.

What’s more, a meeting room with windows also makes it easier to let in the fresh air. Even with climate control, some rooms may become stuffy. Having windows that open can help relieve this problem.

Look for a meeting room that allows in plenty of natural light. The windows should also be fitted with window treatments that protect against the harsh rays of the sun at certain times of the day. Windows in the meeting room should also be able to open, so you can control the air quality in the room.

7). Presentation Tech

Meetings and training may include presentations. For this reason, it’s important to find meeting room facilities that offer presentation tech. Presentation tech may include plasma screens, whiteboards, projectors, and more.

Search for a meeting room that offers the presentation tech you and attendees will need.

8). Power Sockets

These days, everyone carries more than one device that may need to be recharged during the day. For this reason, it’s essential to find a meeting room that provides plenty of power sockets for everyone.

Having enough power sockets means everyone will be happy and focused on the meeting. They won’t be worrying about their device batteries running low or dying.

9). Connectivity

Another concern for everyone at the meeting will be how they can connect to the Internet. So, make sure to find a meeting room that offers both wired and wireless connectivity, as well as superfast Internet.

This way, everyone will be able to get online, and you may even be able to invite attendees who can only participate through a virtual conference over the Internet.

Summing It Up

There you have it! These are some of the essential elements to look for in a meeting room. Having the right meeting room can mean all the difference between a failed meeting or one that’s extremely successful.

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